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When David and Angie traveled to Southeast Alaska in 1990, they fell instantly in love with the area. The breathtaking beauty of this unspoiled natural environment enchanted them so much that after one visit they never left! From then on out their goal was clear - find somewhere cool enough where you can live an independent lifestyle close by family members who are also adventurous souls like yourselves...and there's no better place than Hoonah! Their time on the water fishing and exploring instilled an intimate love of the natural wonders that SE Alaska has to offer. From majestic misty mountain peaks to rugged and graceful shorelines. With its tall pines and pure, clean waters teeming with life, Hoonah Alaska is a true paradise of unspoiled natural beauty. Experience Hoonah like a local with their all-local crew! They're thrilled to offer you the breathtaking sights and share in your vacation. The locals are excited they can show off this beautiful place to visitors from around world, so don't be shy - come on down and see what we have going on up here at home!


Inspired by Nature

3 hours
Group Size
Up to 14

Wilderness Tour and Brown Bear Search

This Alaskan wilderness and bear search tour is offered on Chichagof Island, a one-of-a-kind location with the highest population of bears per square mile of any place on Earth. Depending on the season, catch the bears coming out of hibernation and looking for food; or later on in the season when the bears are mating and eating grasses on the tidal flats. Older males fight each other for dominance and mating rights with the females, who at times are not receptive and force the male to give chase. This is truly an experience for the books, and cameras.

3 Hours
Group Size
Up to 30

Guaranteed Whale Watching Tours in Icy Straits

Join us for the best show in town, a 3-hour whale watching excursion (includes transportation time and approx 2.5 hours on the water) which begins when you board the bus that departs from the Icy Strait Point Excursion Hub, just a short 5-minute walk from your cruise ship. Travel just 1.5 miles through the picturesque landscape of Hoonah, Alaska.   On arrival at the Hoonah Harbor, it's  “All aboard!” and you’re off for the waters of Icy Straits and the ultimate whale watching experience. The area near Icy Strait Point, with its proximity to Point Adolphus and Glacier Bay, is home to one of the largest summer populations of humpback whales found in Alaska and the whale watching is second to none.

2 Hours
Group Size
Up to 12

Tlingit Canoe and Culture Experience

Hoonah, Alaska was settled by the Xunaa Kaa’wu in 1754 and is a seaside community surrounded by majestic wilderness. You'll have the opportunity to do something that can only be done in Hoonah! The tribe offers a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tour the pristine waters of Icy Strait, aboard a traditional, hand-carved Tlingit dugout canoe. Get an up-close view of marine wildlife during this cultural experience as well as enjoy songs, drumming and Tlingit language phrases taught by your crew. This is truly an experience you won’t forget!

3 Hours
Group Size
Up to 6

Wooshkeetan Fishing Adventure

Join local maritime hero Captain Billy, a locally raised Tlingit of Hoonah, Alaska on this unforgettable fishing adventure. His knowledge of area waters is unsurpassed and his desire to share it with you is second to none! Southeast Alaska and Icy Strait in particular, is home to some of the best halibut and salmon fishing around. The biggest halibut on record was caught inside Icy Strait! Hoonah is just a stones throw from Icy Strait so no time is wasted getting to the fishing grounds and the hooks down!

3 Hours
Group Size
Up to 16

Fairweather Kayak Adventure

Your Kayak experience will take you into the peaceful waters of Port Frederick. Enjoy the serenity that can only be had while quietly gliding across the waters near Icy Strait Point enjoying the beautiful Alaskan scenery. Wildlife such as; eagles, seals, sea lions, Sitka black tail deer, whales, and even a bear on the beach are possible sightings. Take a journey into this serene kayak adventure on Icy Strait for an unforgettable experience!


Why choose us?

With its towering pines and crystal clear water, Hoonah is simply unlike any other cruise ship destination in Alaska, period!   Focusing on Small Group experiences, inspired by nature, David and Angie's  goal is to make sure you see and feel the enchantment of Hoonah as they did. Join them for one of many adventures, all centered around giving you a taste of the last frontier.

Local Guides

We care about our beautiful state and want to show it off in a genuine way while protecting and preserving the land and sea at the same time.  We are committed to keeping Alaska wild!

Authentic Alaska

Our expereinces focus on the heart of Alaska.  From land to sea to sky, envelop yourself in the natural beauty of Alaska, and get close (but not too close) and personal with the wildlife, and the locals!


We have been operating and improving our small group tours for over a decade. We are constantly evaluating ourselves, innovating, and improving to ensure that every customer gets an amazing experience from the first contact to the last touch.


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Icy Strait, Alaska

Icy Straits is a remote area of the world that instills an adventurous spirit in those who travel there! Located just West of Juneau, it's shores are lined with beautiful islands and abundant wildlife. One such destination worth seeking out while on your journey would be Hoonah - located on Port Frederick which feeds off pristine waters from Icy Strait where you can find Tlingit culture as well as miles upon rugged shorelines and teeming with wildlife such as humpback whales, brown bears, otters, seals, eagles, and so many more.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

We offer the lowest rates in Hoonah! That being said, if you call and book you will save the 6% fee the booking platform we use charges. And, we do offer discounts for groups of 4 or more on some of the tours!

Yes! Multiple families may join the same tour as long as adequate space is available and the maximum is not exceeded. Just let us know and we will make sure everyone is together.

Please don’t worry; we’ll know if your ship is delayed. We receive a constant stream of updates on the cruise ships’ timetables. Consequently, we will automatically adjust your schedule and factor in any delays against the timing of your tour. When you arrive at the port, just check in with a Hoonah Travel Adventures representative at the Icy Strait Point Excursion Hub. (Look for them holding a Hoonah Travel Adventures sign.) If your ship doesn’t make it to port for any reason, we will refund you in full without incurring any administration fees or penalties.

There are a few great reasons! As an established, local company with a Certificate of Excellence, we love nothing more than to enrich your experience while visiting the area of Icy Strait Point. Local knowledge is king, and having a fantastic team with a wealth of local expertise in our employ, gives us the confidence that we’ll leave you happy and wanting to return!

We shape and time all of our tours and excursions around the cruise ships’ schedules relieving you of any stress before you dock into port. What’s more, we 100% guarantee whale sightings on every whale watching tour (from May to September). Or, in the unlikely event you don’t sight a whale, we’ll refund you $100. In fact, our captains, naturalists and guides live to love whales, so it pleases them to no end to leave you wide-eyed on whales! We know where all the wilderness hotspots are. It’s always an honor to share the backyard beauty in our mist-shrouded rainforest and our coastal city, steeped in history and Native Southeast Alaska culture alike.

One of our favorite FAQs: The cruise industry wants ALL of your money so they try and scare you with that line. If our guests missed their ships we would not be in business. It is totally safe! And completely reliable. As a company that has been in the business of offering small group shore excursions in the Icy Strait Point area for over a decade, our tour schedules are mindfully constructed around the cruise ships’ arrivals and departures! We can guarantee you will be back to board your ship in plenty of time. Best of all, we’re able to offer more competitive rates than the cruise ships because you are booking locally. Companies that book through the ships have to pay the ships very high fees to do that. Moreover, our small group tours are purposely smaller than those offered by the cruise ship, giving you a more intimate experience, at a better rate, while visiting Hoonah near Icy Strait Point.

Yes! Our tour times are built around your ship schedule. So long as you select a tour that ends 1 hour before your ship's departure you will be fine.  We promise to have you back to your ship on time. 

Yes! Our tour times are built around your ship schedule. All tours offered on the day you are in port work with your ship schedule. We promise to have you back to your ship on time.

We have guests that book up to a year in advance as our tours typically sell out well before their departure date.

If your ship is docking at the Adventure Dock, after exiting your cruise ship, disembark and proceed up the ramp to the Icy Strait Point Adventure Center. Once inside the Adventure Center, walk through the building and exit through door number 2 — this is clearly marked. Once outside of Door #2, follow the signs to the Excursions Hub where you meet your Hoonah Travel Adventures Representative.

If your ship is docking at the Wilderness Dock, you will disembark and walk up to the Gondola. Board the Gondola for a 4 minute ride through the forest toward the Adventure Center. Upon disembarking the Gondola, look for, and follow the signs to the Excursions Hub where you meet your Hoonah Travel Adventures Representative.

For guests with mobility concerns the following information will help you decide if you will be able to join our tours – Guests must be able to climb in and out of a 15 passenger. You will have to walk approx 100 yards from the van to the boat. You will have to walk up and/or down a potentially steep ramp depending on the tide to access the floats where the boat will be. We do NOT have space to store wheelchairs or walkers on then van/bus or aboard the boat during your tour, even if they are the folding type. A CareCart is available to people who cannot make the 300 yard walk from the cruise ship dock to the excursions hub where we meet you. There is a high demand for this service which often presents you with a delay to meeting at the prescribed time.

Gratuities/Tips are never expected, but our crew work hard to make sure you have a great experience and a “Thank you” tip is always appreciated!

The only thing you can count on in Hoonah, and the area near Icy Strait Point is that you can’t count on the weather. With that in mind, prepare for the worst and hope for the best! Even waking up to warm, sunny skies can turn cool and rainy. We recommend layers of clothing, which are easy to don and easy to remove. Typically a short-sleeve and long-sleeve mid layer and a waterproof jacket, long pants and sturdy shoes you don’t mind getting wet. It can get chilly and rainy in our temperate rain forest, although summertime often sees our coastal city enjoy mild temperatures.

We rarely cancel on our guests as the weather is typically pretty stable. Not only that, our sturdy fleet of boats in conjunction with our experienced captains at the helm, and guides at the wheel of the vans, are more than capable of coping with the conditions. We ensure your safety aboard our boats and tour vans. In the unlikely event we do cancel the tour, we will provide you with a full refund.

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