7 Things You Shouldn’t Miss During Your Icy Strait Point Tours

The Icy Strait Point is the divider between mainland Alaska in the north and the Chichagof Island in the south. As a tourist, you have a lot to do at Icy Strait, thanks to Alaska’s rich history, wildlife, and native cultures. For example, a trip to Chichagof Island will allow you to explore the native … Continued

Why the Icy Strait Point Gondola is a Must-Ride for Tourists

The Icy Strait Point in Alaska is a hub for tourists because of the various activities that they can be a part of during their tours. For example, you can enjoy humpback whale watching, bear searching, exploring the village of Tlingit and talking to the Tlingit tribe, kayaking, and fishing. With thousands of tourists coming … Continued

Why Visit Icy Strait Point

Alaska is one of the last bastions of nature at its most unspoiled. there are wide open spaces and air that simply sparkles. It boasts abundant wildlife that will take your breath away. The scenery begs to be explored, with hiking trails and snow-covered peaks that provide some of the best views on Earth. The … Continued