Whales, Wildlife & Drones

This whale watching tour is personalized, as it takes out a maximum of 14 guests at a time. This affords a great crew to guest ratio, allowing us to make sure that your experience is personal and special. The areas we search near Icy Strait Point and Point Adolphus are known Humpback whale feeding grounds, and are well known to Captain Josh who has a flawless record of finding whales! Add in the communication he has with his captain friends on the other boats, and it's a perfect system to find whales every time!

What really makes this tour unique, is the Drone imagery which allows us to see down below the surface - watch pods of orcas glide beneath the waves, humpback mothers with their calves and on rare occasions, witness the incredible phenomenon of "bubble-net feeding by groups of humpbacks. We do not replace your view of the whales with the drones; rather, we supplement it. You will experience all the wonder and joy of seeing and hearing these animals with your own eyes and ears, and then we’ll take you to the next level with our onboard displays.

169 USD